John, Nicolette and Zeal | Hilton Village Family Photographer

I was so tickled when Nicolette asked me to take some pictures of her, John and Zeal. I love this family! They are so amazing and so sweet, and I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to meet them and form a friendship with them. Nicolette is an amazing woman! She is friendly, kind, and if you needed the shirt off her back – she would give it to you. My first memory of her is a very pregnant girl, bouncing up and down and all around at a church event, and feeling completely embarrassed when she so boldly asked Nick and I “Why aren’t you married?” – to this day she is still a little embarrassed by it, which she has no reason to be! It was a legit question! I thought poor Zeal was going to bounce right out of her! So I was pretty excited for this mini session (that we took in my neighbor’s yard), and I just love this family and their personalities! Here are a few shots!

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