Snow Day #2 | Personal

This morning while Maggie was out romping around in the snow (mainly trying to find her bone I threw) I decided to work on ring shots. I love the snow and I thought it would be a great backdrop for my engagement ring, the Peridot really popped I thought. 


Harpers Ferry | Personal

The other day I got to tag along to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia with Nick to a job site he needed to attend. Harper’s Ferry has been on a list of places of mine that I’ve wanted to visit – and I am so thankful that Nick let me tag along. The town is beautiful and so rich in history, and all of the snow on the ground and falling made it that much better. I enjoy these little trips!

Loralye Taylor Turns One | Fort Monroe, Virginia

This past weekend, Lindsay, Loralye, Betty and I braved the cold while Lindsay was in town to take Loralye’s ONE year pictures! I cannot believe this little one is ONE! Time has surely flown by! We chose to do Loralye’s pictures at Fort Monroe where I had done Lindsay and Dale’s maternity pictures, oh my word was it windy! Poor little Loralye got blown over every time she tried to stand up. It has been quite a blessings getting to capture this little one’s first year of life!

Top Left | Lindsay & Dale’s Maternity Session (July 2013)
Top Right & Bottom Right | Loralye’s Newborn Session (November 2013)
Middle Left & Right | Loralye’s 6 Months Session (July 2014)
Bottom Left | Loralye’s 9 months Session (September 2014)

Loralye Taylor at 9 Months | Newport News, Virginia

OH MY STARS! I cannot believe that little Miss Loralye is already nine months old! I feel like I was just writing about how excited I was over doing Lindsay and Dale’s maternity pictures, and now we are three months shy of celebrating her first birthday! Where does time go? It has been awesome getting to see this little girl grow up and to see her personality form . . . which is right on par with her parent’s personalities! (They are going to have their hands full one day!) Take a look at her nine month pictures. She’s going to be ONE soon! 

that pose . . . tooo much!

2nd Anniversary | Personal

One of the many things I love about my husband is his love for traveling. Since we started dating I have always let Nick pick where we go and then I would spend hours to days researching and makings lists of where to go and what to do and how to fit it all in. Over the years, I’ve learned that that isn’t real life when it comes to traveling with Nick … or traveling period. I’ve grown to love the plan of not having a plan and just enjoying your time.
So for our second anniversary Nick sent me an email the week of with a brief bit of information about where we were going – not the beach! Woo hoo! (It seems to be the place where everyone thinks you should go when your anniversary is in August). This time we were headed to the mountains, Lynchburg. He sent me the details on the hotel and the brand new Camaro he rented. That was the extent of the plan. 
The hotel we stayed at was the Craddock Terry Hotel. It is an old shoe factory that they have restored and converted into a hotel. It alone was pretty awesome. So was Historic Downtown Lynchburg – there wasn’t much to it but a bunch of abandoned buildings, ran down shops, but it is one of those places that you know if you return in a couple of years it will be completely re-vamped. I can’t wait! We had dinner a this pizza place attached to the hotel that serves homemade beers – the pizza was amazing! 
The next day Nick wanted to see Liberty University, bad idea! I’m pretty sure it was like the first day of school. He really wanted to take the Camaro up the parkway, but before we did that we realized how close we were to the Natural Bridge – so that is where we spent a chunk of our day! 

The Natural Bridge is probably one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. It’s crazy beautiful and I could have sat there staring at it for days. We “hiked” to the waterfall and while that was gorgeous too, it did not compare to the bridge. The scenery along the way was worth the heat and walk in flip flops. 

After the Natural Bridge we took the Camaro on the parkway. I honestly don’t think there is anything better or more relaxing than the open air and the mountains, I could spend all my free time up there! It’s just you and God in places like that. 

Loralye Taylor at 6 Months | Virginia Beach, Virginia

This little one is SIX months old . . . well seven months old. Lindsay and I were a smidgen off on getting together for pictures. But either way, isn’t she a doll baby? I went over to Virginia Beach to Dale’s parent’s house to capture a few pics of Loralye and get a few of her in the pool. Oh my stars! I cannot believe how big she is getting. Here are a few pics from the session.

Kaylee Grace Turns One | Personal

I have been holding my breath for over a year waiting for this day, ever since Lauren told me that she was expecting with this little one. And on July 3rd, sweet little Kaylee Grace turned ONE! Nick and I were so excited to share in this celebration of life with Alex, Lauren, Kaylee and Kaylee’s new little sister Hadley! It has been quite a year for this family and it was so much fun to be among their family and friends on this joyous day of celebration!