Galatians | Ministry Designs

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Thomas & Allison | Smithfield, Va

I cannot wait to share this session with you. I loved photographing Thomas and Allison’s engagement session back in the fall and I could not wait for this session!! So we ventured over to Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield for their “After the Wedding” wedding session. To say this session was amazing is an understatement. The mix of wedding attire and barns and farms just melts my heart. God was so kind and gave us a break in the rain and heat, well the heat kicked in a little toward the end – but Thomas and Allison were troopers, I probably complained the most.

But without further adieu, here are some images from this gorgeous session, and congratulations to the beautiful couple – I am SO excited for the both of you and thank you for letting me capture these memories for you! You guys are truly a ball to spend time with!!


The Pritchard Family | New Kent, Virginia

I’ve had the privilege of knowing the Pritchard family since high school (which is further back than I like to think) and I must say, I adore this family! They are so much fun to be around, always joking and having a good time, and I love how supportive Alan and Beth are of their boys, Christopher and Brennan. Beth just radiates proud Mama in these pictures – and she has every right to! They have raised to awesome young men. 
Their youngest son, Brennan, is getting ready to head off to Europe for Grad school and it was time to take some family pictures before he left. I was so happy that they thought of me and I enjoyed my time with them up at the New Kent Winery. They are a wonderful family and I am so excited for Brennan!

Snow Day #2 | Personal

This morning while Maggie was out romping around in the snow (mainly trying to find her bone I threw) I decided to work on ring shots. I love the snow and I thought it would be a great backdrop for my engagement ring, the Peridot really popped I thought. 

Baby Gavin | Hampton, Virginia

I got to photograph the cutest little guy a few days back, Baby Gavin. He was absolutely adorable! I love newborn sessions – you get to photograph this tiny little person that God created, it is absolutely amazing! They are also stressful at points because babies are totally unpredictable, but I feel like with each session I’m learning and growing, and hopefully that is showing. I’m so thankful that Tabytha and Steven allowed me to photograph their little man, it was so much fun! 

2015 Theology Conference | Church Designs

Check out the latest design for Grace Baptist Chapel for the upcoming Theology Conference – check out the church website for further information and sermon recordings.

Ashley’s Bridal Shower | Personal

One of my dear friends, Ashley, is getting married at the end of the month and I cannot wait! I am beyond excited for her and so happy that I get to celebrate this day with her. God has done AH-MAZING things in her life over the years that I have known her and has brought her a guy that is perfect for her. I can’t wait to see the things that God does in their life (although I’m not excited that they are moving right after they get married – BOO COAST GUARD!). 
This past weekend though along with two other friends, Kristi and Christie, we threw a shower for the bride to be and celebrated this joyous time with her – filled with love, hugs, prayers and of course, gifts 🙂 
The theme of the shower was “Winter Wonderland” since Ashley is hoping for snow on the big day! So here is the invitation I designed for the event:
Kristi and Christie did a superb job on this dishes, even tying in some of Ashley’s favorite treats, and Kristi went above and beyond on the decor – it was absolutely beautiful! Here are some pictures from the day: